When I met my husband he spoke 15 languages, yeah you read that right, in addition to French Arabic and English he spoke guttural tribal languages that sounded like they were woven with magic. He threw me a curve ball when I began to learn French and he informed me his father didn't speak French, and his mother didn't speak English, they'd met and fell in love and raised four children in Yoruba.

A sucker of a good love story when our daughter Olaniyi Noon was born I was determined that she too would speak Yoruba. Each Polyglot Tot Tribal Art Flashcard started as a love letter to my daughter but became so much more. After some research I realized that languages of the African Diaspora are becoming extinct.

By creating culturally significant modern learning materials for improving reading, speaking, writing and listening in languages of the African diaspora. My hope is that these tiny pieces of tribal art will reawaken the desire in the next generation to learn about their languages and culture. I've compiled a list of additional tools we've enjoyed as a family to raise a polyglot toddler.