Our Story

In a story is as old as time, Caribbean Girl meets African Boy. They travel the world, fall in love, get married and then bring a gorgeous Polyglot Tot into the world. Caribbean Girl gets fed up, not knowing what's going on at African Boy's family gatherings, and she attempts to teach herself (and her Polyglot Tot) his tribal language. After scouring the web for resources and coming up empty-handed, the Caribbean Girl decides to create educational tools of her own. Inspired by the beautiful fabric gifted by her in-laws, Caribbean Girl makes culturally significant bilingual flash cards for her little Polyglot Tot. 

You know the ending Caribbean Girl and African Boy live happily ever after eating rice and peas and joloff; speaking three languages at various degrees of proficiency.
Their Polyglot Tot continues to ignore them in three languages instead of one.
As the Polyglot Tot, Mommy designer in residence, I strive to bring global learning within arms reach of the tiniest learners. Our Tribal Art Flashcards are for all families, whether you are speaking several languages fluently at home or just getting started on your bilingual journey. We create beautiful, engaging products based on bohemian African textile art, to help young language learners and their grown-ups explore the tribal languages of Africa.