Polyglot tot African Tribal Art cards Alphabet Hausa

This page of Polyglot Tot is dedicated to anyone interested in learning and promoting the Hausa Language, the people's culture and tribe. There are three major tribes in Nigeria Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. I couldn't find many resources on learning the Hausa language for children, on the Internet, so after completing the Polyglot Tot Tribal Art Alphabet Flashcards in Yoruba I decided to create the Tribal Art Flashcards in Hausa as it is the lingua franca ("A medium of communication between peoples of different languages") of the muslim community throughout West Africa.

As there are millions of ways of using flashcards with your family, if youre looking for games to play with your child to deepen their bilingual journey visit our Games page. Below we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to not only teach your toddler Hausa but also ways to reinforce your knowledge if you are learning Hausa language yourself.


Tips for teaching your child Hausa if you are learning with them

1) Choose a time of day to speak your target language
I like starting the day in Hausa. By greeting my daughter in the morning, when she first wakes up in her target language it strengthens her Polyglot Tot muscles. It also helps to reinforce my knowledge.
a) Good Morning!
b) How did you sleep?
c) Let's brush our teeth

Pick a common phrase to only say in Hausa. You say the phrase so often, your child will pick it up in no time, it will also familiarize the both of you with proper pronunciation.
a) "I love you" 
b) "thank you"
c) "take that out of your mouth, please."

​3) Translate the world around you

Tips for teaching your child to speak Hausa if you are a native Hausa Speaker

The Tribal Art Flashcards benefit native speakers, by serving as a helpful reminder to speak Hausa to your children. A fun way to engage with grandparents, these cards have been used on trips to Nigeria to visit family. Grandparents will often speak English or French to little children just to be understood but when you use

1) Encourage your child to respond to simple requests/ phrases such as
 (What will you eat?)   (I will eat ẹba with callaloo/spinach) 
2)Tell them jokes or make them laugh 

Resources to teach your child Hausa

1) Bilingual English Hausa children's Books

     c. Hausa Children's Book: Alice in Wonderland by Wai Cheung

2) Hausa Coloring books
     a. Hausa Alphabet Coloring Book by Ayo Books

3) Hausa language Cartoons
     a. Bino & Fino Hausa Episode
4) Hausa language Sing Along Songs
I hope you find these tips helpful. Please do share if you have any tips of your own. What steps have you taken in teaching your children Hausa? I’d love to hear from you.