There are more people who speak Igbo, than the entire population of Australia!

Polyglot Tot Tribal Art Flashcards in Igbo are the perfect home learning aid to begin your child's Igbo language journey. Our flashcards are a simple way to introduce Igbo first words to kids, these beautiful cards make sharing quality time becoming a global citizen easy. Take the cards with you and explore the world around you through new eyes. So whether you're a child of the diaspora trying to learn Igbo yourself or simply looking to share this beautiful tribal language of Enugu state, Nigeria with a child in your life, these products are for you. All Polyglot Tot Tribal Art Cards have the phonetic pronunciation making your path to speaking Igbo fast easy and fun.

If you're here you probably think its necessary for children born abroad to learn and speak their parents mother tongue. Many Igbo children, especially those living abroad, can not speak Igbo language. However, these children have parents and relatives that speak Igbo. The Tribal Art Flashcards benefit native speakers, by serving as a beautiful reminder to speak Igbo to your children. A fun way to engage with grandparents, these cards have been used on trips to Nigeria to visit family, seeing them in your child's hand encourages grandparents to speak Igbo and not English. Creating a community of Igbo immersion for your budding polyglot, even if it is only for a few weeks.